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El Presidente and El Jones

Or: How I learned to Rule the World

Legend of a Psychotic College Student
30 June 1986
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I am 19, taken, in love, a DJ, a dishwasher, a president, an anime fan, a music lover, a crazed DL-er, a blogger, a college student, a net surfer, a book worm, a writer, an anthropologist, the glue, the liason
80s movies, 80s music, advent children, aggap, albion college, albion college woot, alexisonfire, alternative music, anime, art, astrology, beck, being a mastermind, better than ezra, billy idol, bleach, blue seed, books, british accents, capcom, card captor sakura, cardcaptor sakura, cartoons, casablanca, charmed, children of dune, clamp, classic nickelodeon, classic rock, clubbing, college radio, comics, computers, cowboy bebop, d.gray-man, d.grayman, dancing, darcane, david bowie, death note, devil may cry, digital art, diy, dune, edgertons pen conspiracy, escaflowne, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, franz ferdinand, gaming, gamning, getbackers, goo goo dolls, guitars, harry potter, hellsing, hiyao miyazaki, hot hot heat, http://ofallthingsoftangentdom.blogspot.com/, i love the 80s, icons, iggy pop, internet, interpol, inuyasha, j-pop, johnny depp, killers, kingdom hearts, kyou kara maou, latin dance, leather jackets, leonardo da vinci, lesser knowns, literature, local bands, making fun of david, manga, mirage of blaze, modest mouse, movies, museums, mushishi, music, music videos, naruto, natalie imbruglia, old movies, ouran host club, painting, pirates, poetry, pretear, prince of persia, princess tutu, pumpkin scissors, punk rock, reading, rock n' roll, rvb, samurai, sci-fi movies, science fiction, sex pistols, shounen-ai, singing, smallville, tactics, tangents, tears for fears, the 1920s, the clash, the cure, the matrix, the missing:, the strokes, the velvet underground, trigun, utena, video games, vinyl, white stripes, wlbn, writing, xenosaga, xxxholic, yaoi, zelda